About us

Our story

In 2020, I started my journey with Power Culture to create a small revolution in the fitness industry, which was filled with 'outdated' training equipment at way too expensive prices. Through my own great passion for training and quality, Power Culture differs from other Danish and European fitness brands. We achieve this through uncompromising products, where quality and design are constructed in perfect synergy at fair prices.

Product DNA

Superior design and craftsmanship

Careful and intentional construction to create objects of lasting beauty.

Premium materials

Only the finest materials - supporting comfort, aesthetics and functionality.


Design of the ultimate lever belt that delivers best-in-class performance at every touch point.

Inspire To Be More

"More than just a brand...

Power Culture is inspired by passionate and ambitious people who dare to dream. Last but not least, Power Culture is more than just a brand. We are a culture of driven individuals who want to uplift each other and others to be the best version of themselves…"

- Tommy Dinh, CEO // Power Culture